Property Detail

  • Type: Commercial
  • Price: £29,750
  • Borehamwood area
  • Yes Let
  • Yes Available
  • 79 Shenley Road, Borehamwood WD6 1AG, UK

Retail shop to Let

This Property is right in the middle of Shenley Road, the main street in Borehamwood. It's surrounded by lots of restaurants, a shopping park, and other stores. Being in this strategic spot means there's always a bunch of people walking by, making it a great place for businesses that want lots of customers.This commercial property offers a total area of 1291 square feet (sqf). This measurement indicates the overall space available for various business activities, ensuring a reasonably spacious environment. At the rear of the shop, there is a decent storage area. This storage space can be utilized for various purposes, including storing inventory, supplies, or equipment. Having storage at the back of the shop is advantageous for maintaining an organized and efficient business operation.
The property includes a staff room and toilet as well.

Our address
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